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    You Can't (That's What She Said, 2017)

    I‘m not gonna let you stand in my way

    Ain’t nobody got no time to waste away

    You can’t have me in my prime

    We’re too good for you every single time

    Love me, hate me, say what you want to break me

    You can’t hold me down

    Drill me, thrill me, you can never kill me

    You can’t hold me down, no no no, no

    My heart will never give, made of solid rock

    My head is never giving you a single shot

    My soul is weaving a way to bring to down

    You better find your way to another town (and you won’t get out alive)

    CHORUS x2

    I can’t carry your broken life

    It is not my problem, i am not your carving knife

    You gotta take a long look in the mirror

    Objects are closer, they're getting nearer and nearer (don’t let yourself cross the line)

    CHORUS x2

    No, no, no, no (No, no, no, no) No, no, no, no (No, no, no, no) No, no, no, no