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    Before I'm Dead (That's What She Said, 2017)

    There are things I can’t remember There are things I’ve said and done That I know I can’t begin to take back Every single one

    There are places I’ve forgotten

    Plenty left behind in time

    I’m so glad I had the chance to call

    each one mine

    I've been sitting here in this old bar

    Strumming away on this old guitar

    Not sure how long it's been

    But I know I really need a friend

    I've been sitting here in this old bar

    Trying to leave, can’t get too far 

    It’s time to put myself to bed

    Don't think I'll be back before I'm dead

    There are people I’ve been missing Many years just can’t rewind

    But I know the ones who matter most Aren’t very hard to find

    It’s the love that keeps me going The support that keeps me strong But I know the end is drawing near So sing it on and on and on


    I guess it’s time to hear that call One more shot for us, that’s all Here’s to all you fellas

    Hanging out all night with me

    I don’t think you’ll disagree