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    Shine (That's What She Said, 2017)

    i woke up this morning in that state of mind

    took out the garbage and looked up at the sign

    it said “take your things, and leave your trash behind” i don’t wanna look back because I know what I’ll find

    and I want you to know that

    I just need to grow and

    i’m feeling fine and

    i’m ready to shine

    I moved about my day with unease

    my heart is yearning, afraid it’s gonna freeze locked out of my head and i need the keys thinking how can i fix myself, help me please


    i woke up this morning and I took a deep breath i said, it’s time to move on, and then I left


    and I need you to know that I might need to go

    and I’m trying to take things slow

    how much I loved you, i hope you know