Run (Madness, 2022)

One night one life in time to make your head spin (Woah)

One light to ignite the fight or flight to sink in (Woah)

Go fast, outlast the spiral deep inside you

No doubt tuckered out, wake up, you have been lied to

Run – your warrior comes from

Aggressively young guns

Don't let them make you numb

You betta live fast, on the

Run – the meaning you feel now

Your feet won't leave the ground

Don't let them take you down

You betta live fast, on the run

One sin to begin the night alive and winnin' (Woah)

One shot, not a lot, the fire is burnin' within (Woah)

Go fast, outlast the demons that command you

No doubt tuckered out, they'll never understand you

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