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    Mean Girls *Fugly Edit* (Single, 2019)

    Are you sad let me talk to you, I trust

    Are ya mad that you’re never gonna sit with us

    Last night I wrote a burn that you’ll never read

    One or two lines that’ll make you bleed

    What’s that? You smell like a baby prostitute

    Watch out before we drop a house on you

    I know that I'm mean, you haven’t seen

    You don’t the half of it, I’m the queen

    We are the mean girls

    Rotten and rough

    We are your dream girls

    Shut up, you’re never gonna touch us

    Shiny hard plastic, pretty in pink

    We’re the meanest bad bitches, our shit don’t stink

    We are the mean girls

    Play nice, Bitch please you’re such a whore

    Look away, She doesn’t even go here no more

    Go fetch, You’re a dog, without a bone

    Coming in the back door forever alone

    Fresh meat comin’ through, stay away from the light

    Uh Oh, It’s just you and ESPN tonight

    You say that I’m mean but I say no

    Its just my face, wherever I go


    We are mean girls

    Ice radiates from within my soul

    It’s why I’m always so fucking cold

    We were foolish to think we are equal to men We are far superior and always have been

    Shiny hard plastic, army of skanks

    We’re the meanest bad bitches, our shit don’t stank

    CHORUS x2

    We are mean girls