So you wanna RUN with EBX?!

If you've found yourself here on this web page, congratulationsYou're invited to RUN with us for our next music video shoot! Keep scrolling for all the information you need!

The concept of the 'Run' music video, once edited together, is that there is an ELSIE BINX pop-up concert, and people are running to get to the stage! But all of a sudden, there are dinosaurs (yes, people dressed in life-like dinosaur suits) also running toward the stage... But people are scared of the dinosaurs, of course! The dinosaurs are "chasing" the fans, and they are visibly scared, but then they realize they just want to be at the show, too! So by the end of the video, the fans and dinosaurs alike are all partying at the stage for the show! If that sounds like a fun day of shooting to you, you're the exact person we'd love to have in this video!

If you have any questions after reading all the info below, feel free to email anytime!

'Run' Music Video Shoot Details

  • When ~ Wednesday, May 18th, 2022 from 12-9pm/et

    • 12p ~ Crew Arrival/Setup begins​!

    • 1p ~ Public Arrival (if possible), Parking on South side of building.

      • Tina's Weiner's Food Truck to set up​

    • 2p ~ Shoot with Public begins

      • Crowd "conversing", rushing to stage​

    • 3p ~ Shoot with Public + DINOSAURS begins

      • Crowd getting chased by dinosaurs, then "conversing" with dinosaurs​

    • 5p ~ Crew/Public Break for food (Tina's Weiner's providing hot dogs, beverages and chips from 4-8pm)

    • 6p ~ Shooting Band "performing" the song 'Run' with Public + DINOSAURS begins​

      • Crowd + dinosaurs partying near the stage, dinosaurs singing the "woahs" with band​

      • Band on stage from behind crowd; band on stage from behind band

    • 9p ~ Shoot to be completed!


**RAIN DATE IS FOLLOWING DAY** Thursday, May 19th, 2022 - We will be watching the weather forecast closely that week. There will be no shelter for rain at the studio. If the chance of rain is too high to risk on Wednesday, we will send an email out and be sure everyone who has RSVP'd is aware of the change.

  • Where ~ The Sound Shop Studio, Macomb, MI

    • 45777 N Gratiot Ave, Macomb, MI 48042

  • Public port-o-potties will be available on site. Inside restrooms are for crew only.

  • Parking will be directed to South side of building by designated crew.

  • It's totally fine if you can not attend the whole day of shooting! We'd love to have you be a part of the video shoot no matter when you are available.

  • Please dress as if you're going to a rock show. There can be no logos on clothing for copyright reasons. If you are wearing an article of clothing with a licensed logo on it, you will be asked to remove it or turn it inside out if that's possible. However, all ELSIE BINX merch is great to show off!

  • All ages are welcome to be a part of this shoot! The more diversity in age, gender, etc., the better! Tell your family and friends, and bring them along!

  • Not everyone who shows up will be required to physically run! We WILL need lots of people near the stage and on the location to be "standers-by" and to be "communicating" with each other and the dinosaurs/actors.

  • We LOVE the idea of having inflatable dinosaur costumes on location along with the dinosaur actors as well, simply to add to the craziness of the manic nature of the song. Feel free to bring one along to use for yourself if you have one! It doesn't *have* to be a dinosaur but it's definitely preferred.

  • This is *not* a concert. During the 6-9p section of shooting, we will be repeatedly running the song through the speakers and lip-syncing/pantomiming to the recorded song near the stage.

  • Please do not bring alcohol (or any substances) to the location. Any other beverages or food items are totally ok though!

  • Please respect the crew, the band, all equipment and all dinosaurs on location. 

  • This is an outdoor event, so masks will not be required. Please respect people's spaces if they are asking you to do so.

  • By RSVP'ing, you are giving us the right to use footage of yourself and your included party in our public release of the video. You will be required to sign a release form (either digitally or physically) to appear in the video.

Are you running with us??