Best of Me (Smile and a Bullet, 2015)

My heart was broken three months out then you walked into my life knowing nothing about the history... and you’re still a mystery. I’ve only know ya just a couple of years and you’ve always been the guy who helped me swallow my fears

but I could never see... that you could get the best of me.

Single this, single that, I wish I didn’t care ‘bout that By and by, through and through, I think I’m really clinging to...


Your like, your love, you’re all of the above. You’re everything a girl’s fantasy could ever be of. But before I can learn to live and let go, There’s one thing that you have to know:


You get the break up, it’s all in your past You know what people say about you – nice guys finish last but in my head, I know I should be with you instead I’ve never doubted just how you feel But every time that we’re together it just gets more real And I can start to see that you can have the best of me




I’m like a puppy dog beggin’ for that one last treat He’s like that tweety bird lookin’ for that kitty cat’s conceit And now I know it’s all I ever wanted, never could repay but do you think that I could let myself step out of the way?



There’s one thing that you have to know



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  • Elsie Binx
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