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Music Videos


Est. 2015

Erin Elise Accomando - Vocals, Keytar, Songwriter, Co-Founder
Jonny "Vegas" Neville - Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter
Jen Read - Keys, Vocals, Songwriter
Phil Steuer - Bass, Engineer, Songwriter, Co-Founder
Darin "DC" Curtis - Drums, Vocals, Songwriter
Kevin Wesley "Wesmix" Williams - Producer, Engineer, Manager, Co-Founder

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ELSIE BINX was born in January of 2015 when Kevin Wesley Williams & Erin Accomando began making music together at The Sound Shop Studio in Macomb, Michigan, after having worked side-by-side in the corporate music industry for about a year. They set out to create the sound of a new pop/rock project. With Aaron Golematis' and Phil Steuer's help, they would produce a 7-song album (Smile and a Bullet) that would eventually bring together the group of musicians who call themselves ELSIE BINX (EBX) today.

Upon releasing their first album in October of 2015, they began playing shows as a 5-piece band and writing new music collaboratively. A few months into the endeavor, they made the decision to add a permanent second guitar player (Jonny "Vegas" Neville) as well as a keyboard player and background singers. Through 2016, they continued gigging locally and worked diligently to write an entirely new rock album. They successfully released their first full-length 12-song album, ‘That’s What She Said’, in April of 2017. It was during this time that Jen Read became a background singer and eventually permanent keyboard player the following year.

In early 2018, Darin "DC" Curtis would become their drummer and Tom Harper would become their bassist. They immediately released a single and music video for their awareness-driven song, 'Everything About It'. Just over a year later, they released their first acoustic EP titled, 'Electric Baby', in August of 2019. Their 2019 single release, 'Mean Girls', both 'fugly' and 'radio' edits, are word-plays on the cult classic film, Mean Girls (2004). These 3 projects mark a turning point in EBX's sound, as there were now 3 new members bringing new ideas and different talents to the table.

From 2017 to 2020, EBX played all around the Metro Detroit area as a 6-7 piece band and travelled to many locations in the Mid-West and West Coast, including Philadelphia, Chicago, Toledo, Fort Wayne, Tulsa, St. Louis, Amarillo, Las Vegas, Tarzana, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Atlantic City, Pittsburgh and the incredibly iconic Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood, CA.

Since March 2020, they've concentrated specifically on collaboratively writing music and hosting digital concerts on their Twitch channel. As a way to be able to release some unique content while figuring out the new landscape of creating music as a band during quarantine, they released two cover singles with videos: "Separate Ways" by Journey and "The Show Must Go On" by Queen.

As of 2022, EBX has released their second full-length studio album, "Madness". This record was written almost entirely over the course of the pandemic, using only technology to pass ideas and digital files back and forth until they could safely meet in person again. This record marks their most collaborative work to date. Many members contributed to lyrics, melodies, instrumental parts and production. As a result, the music recorded on "Madness" represents the sound of EBX with an accuracy never before achieved by the group.

In 2023, they've released multiple singles and videos, one of which has over 200k combined listens and views.

For the foreseeable future, EBX will continue releasing music on all platforms and playing shows around the country. They've recently signed a management deal with Rock World Music to expand their reach internationally.

EBX Diesel 9-8-23 - 530.jpeg

Erin Accomando

Lead Vocalist

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EBX Diesel 9-8-23 - 221.jpeg

Jen Read

Vocalist, Keys/Piano

ELSIE BINX - The Vault 10-31-23 - 544.jpg

Phil Steuer

Bassist / Engineer

EBX Diesel 9-8-23 - 494.jpeg

Jonny Neville

Guitarist / Vocalist

EBX Diesel 9-8-23 - 426.jpeg

Darin Curtis

Drummer / Vocalist

KevinExplosion smol.png

Kevin Wesley Williams

Manager, Engineer, Producer


USA Mgmt/Booking: Kevin Wesley Williams,

Int'l Mgmt/Booking: Valentin Labani,

Promo: Erin Accomando,

Detroit, MI, USA

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